Green Island

It is a landscape but ... you won’t find a typical view of the sky above the horizon, just its reflection.

In the foreground of the painting there is a pale surface of water with two patches of green, which are full of yellow and pink floral accents. The Green Island appears in the image only at the top, as a small fragment by the shoreline. This atmospheric painting is full of shades of green and the colors of nature. The colors of the painting are conducive to relaxation and tranquility.

It is a perfect fit for rustic, boho and vintage interiors.

Get in touch and ask us about the possibility of purchasing it.

SUBJECT: landscape

STYLE: expressionism

MEDIA: acrylic paints, canvas, varnished

DIMENSIONS: 40cmx50cm



  • Artistically Painted Mannequins

    I invite you on an artistic journey into my extraordinary and unique world. For people who want to go beyond the schemas, the unique, artistically painted mannequins are an attractive proposition. As an unusual art decor, the artistic three-dimensional abstract art brings an element of originality, luxury, giving the interior a distinctive and unforgettable character. It is an art that can be enjoyed from all angles, making the space one of a kind.

  • Original Paintings for Sale

    The works can be purchased directly in my studio or by contacting me by sending an e-mail. I personally advise and will guide you on the selection of colours, sizes and the correct composition of artworks on your wall to make sure they present best in your interiors. It is paramount how we hang a painting, at what height and how it will correspond with other paintings or decorations. Feel free to contact me at .

  • Art Prints

    Aesthetics, harmony and colour are the most important elements of a good interior. The unique atmosphere of the house is created by the right selection of accessories: such as original paintings, sculptures and functional artworks. Framed Art, open or limited edition prints are interesting and more cost efficient alternative to original paintings. Make your interior unique and fall in love with exceptional art prints. I am happy to personally advise you on your available choices.


  • Conservation of Art

    Conservation of artwork is a subject that is especially close to my heart. I love everything that was created in the past and that brings its own unique story. I perform each restoration with full diligence paying extremely close attention to detail, retaining great aesthetics and the spirit of the artwork. It gives me great joy when an old neglected piece of art begins its new life in my studio.