About me

Academy of Fine Arts. Department of Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and Polychromous Sculptures. Study of paintings at prof. L. Maciag and S. Baj Studio
1996 MA at Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland
1996 Diploma of Classical Cartoons Animator at Film Studio in Warsaw, Poland
1996-1997 Cooperation with Film Studio while working on carton animation
1996-2004 Cooperation with Auction Houses and Galleries. Conservation and copies of pieces of art
1992-2004 Working on numerous mural conservation projects, mainly fresco painting
1999-2004 Managed complex interior designing projects for private investors. Also furniture designing
2004-Two years long stay in Aberdeen, Scotland
Then nine years lived in Cairo, Egypt, practicing her own art. Created oil paintings on canvas and acrylic on fabric. Organized and conducted painting lessons for foreigners living in Cairo. Participated in local art exhibitions. Her works can be found in private collections in Poland, United States, United Kingdom, Egypt, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece and many others
in 2015 came back to Poland. Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She is still looking for new platforms to express her art acting, going beyond paintings and experimenting with other art disciplines.

Since 2016 Sgraffito conservation projects in Warsaw Old Town, conservation of paintings on canvas, transfer of paintings, murals.
Since 2019 Runs art studio called "Rynek Sztuki" or "Art Square Studio" in Opole city.

Member of The Visual Artists Association, Chester, UK




2021- The VAA International Online Spring Exhibition ,  Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair, UK


2019- Permanent Exhibition in Gallery Studio Rynek Sztuki, Opole, Poland

2013- Exhibition of visual art “IN PEACE AND WITH COMPASSION”, Cairo

(group exhibition) https://www.oncaravan.org/peace

2013- Individual Exhibition “ INSPIRED BY NATURE”, Showroom CSA, Maadi, Cairo

2012- CARAVAN Festival Exhibition “THE ROAD AHEAD” – Cairo, Maadi Community Church, (group exhibition)


1992- The Copies of Medieval Paintings, Arka Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

(group exhibition)

1989-93 Exhibitions of Paintings and Drawings, ASP Gallery, Warsaw , Poland

(group exhibition)

  • Interior Design

    Aesthetics, harmony, balance and colour are the most important elements of a good interior. They affect our well-being and everyday life in general. A beautiful interior is not empty walls or chain block furniture. The unique atmosphere of our home is created by the right selection of accessories such as original paintings, sculptures and sophisticated functional art. I will advise you on this choice. Make originality and uniqnes of the interior your priority.

  • Conservation of Art

    Conservation of works of art is a subject that is especially close to my heart. I love everything that was created in past eras and that brings with it its own unique story. I carry out every maintenance with full diligence, maintaining the ethics and spirit of the facility. It gives me great joy when the old neglected facility begins its new second life.


  • Organization of Events

    „Paint & Drink” events are especially popular due to the relaxing form of spending free time and great team integration. It is an event of painting together with a glass of wine, or your other favourite drink, which will help uncork your imagination, eliminate tension and stress. During this meeting, everyone can relax and at the same time discover hidden layers of talent.

  • Sale of Works

    The works can be purchased directly in my studio or by contacting me by sending an e-mail. I advise and guide you on the selection of colours, sizes and the correct composition of works on the wall to make sure they present best in your interiors. It is paramount how we hang a painting, at what height and how it will correspond with other works or decorations in the interior. Feel free to contact me: renata.dyk@gmail.com