Renata is a versatile artist with a wide-ranging portfolio. Her creative endeavors encompass painting on various surfaces, including canvas and fabric, as well as exploring spatial forms and expansive surfaces. 

Her artistic journey was preceded by years of dedicated work in conserving oil canvas paintings, restoring frescos, shaping interior designs, and contributing to the classic animation of cartoon films.

Renata's canvas paintings predominantly draw inspiration from the natural world. She treads the line between expressive realism and abstraction, employing bold brush strokes alongside delicate accents that accentuate the structure and luminance of her subjects drawn from nature. 

In recent times, her focus has shifted towards crafting decorative pieces on spatial forms. Renata's primary canvas has become symbolic polychromes on repurposed mannequins, breathing new life into them and granting them a place of prominence in the realm of art.

The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, MA degree graduate

The Faculty of Conservation of Paintings and Polychrome Sculpture

The Faculty of Painting, the studio of prof. Stanisław Baj and prof. Ludwik Maciąg

The Rector's Scholarship for the Best Students of the Academy of Fine Arts. 

From 2004 to 2015, Renata embarked on an international journey, residing in Aberdeen, Scotland, and later spending over nine enriching years in Cairo, Egypt. It was during this period that she honed her distinctive artistic style, primarily working with oil and acrylic paints on fabric canvases. 

Her passion for art extended to teaching, as she conducted painting classes and hosted easel painting workshops, providing a creative outlet and an opportunity for cultural exchange with foreigners in these diverse locales. 

In 2015, Renata returned to her roots and settled in Warsaw, Poland, where she continued her artistic journey.

By 2019, she had established her own Fine Art Studio and Gallery, "Pracownia Rynek Sztuki," located in Opole, Poland. Renata's passion for creating art extended to cultivating her collection of painted mannequins and nurturing the talents of the next generation of emerging artists. You can follow her artistic journey on her Facebook page:

Renata's artistic footprint extends far beyond Poland; her works have found homes in private collections in diverse corners of the world, including the USA, Great Britain, Egypt, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, and numerous other countries.

As a testament to her commitment to the arts, Renata is a proud member of the Visual Artist Association in the UK.


  • 2022- NOV 11- DEC 11, AZUR GALLERY , "Reversals", Berlin           
  • 2022: M.A.D.S. Gallery, "Liquid Arsenal", Milano, Italy
  • 2022: Blue Blood Art Gallery, "Harmony of Art", online 
  • 2022: PTAK Expo, Exhibition "The International Home & Deco Fair", Warsaw, Poland
  • 2022: Grey Cube Gallery, February, "Portrait Art Show", Merit Award, International online Art Show, _a_choice
  • 2021: Grey Cube Gallery, November "Forest and Meadows", online Art Show: Awarded Honorable Mention;
  • 2021: The VAA International Spring Exhibition, Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair, UK; 
  • 2013: Exhibition of visual art “In Peace and with Compassion", Cairo, Egypt; 
  • 2013: Individual Exhibition “Inspired by Nature”, Showroom CSA Cairo, Egypt
  • 2012: CARAVAN Festival Exhibition “The Road Ahead” – Cairo, Egypt;
  • 1991 – Exhibition of Copies of Medieval Paintings – Arka Gallery, Warsaw
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